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  • Cheri S., Beverly Hills, CA
    I just wanted to let you know that we have been giving Charlie, our cat who has early stage renal failure, Renavast and it has been so easy! He has no problem gobbling up the food that we’ve sprinkled the Renavast on. It obviously has no detectable taste or smell to it, so we don’t even have to stir it up in the food. Just sprinkle on top and that’s it. I will keep you informed of his progress and will also share pertinent info with you like BUN and creatine numbers as we continue use of the product. Thank you for everything you do for the cats. They need all the friends they can get.
  • Evelyn Gray, Los Angeles, CA
    My dear cat Dave was born July 3, 1991. Yes, he is 20 as I write this. A few years ago he was diagnosed with CRF (chronic renal failure). Through some friends, I found out about an experimental powder for CRF cats - this was the precursor to Renavast. Dave started on that powder in December, ’09. The first blood tests results were great - I wish I had recorded the excited tone of my vet’s voice when she spoke to me about the improvement in his BUN and creatinine levels. Over the course of the nearly two years Dave has been on Renavast, his renal failure has progressed very slowly. Given his age, my vets and I are thrilled with how stabilized his health is. Dave’s secret to long life includes darbopoetin, acupuncture, sub-q fluids, healthy food, love and Renavast!
  • Tina Fox, Hermosa Beach, CA
    I started my cat, Connor (a nine-year old Oriental Shorthair) on RenAvast about a month ago. Two years ago at age 7, Connor was diagnosed with kidney insufficiency–a nice way of saying CRF. Testing showed that his kidneys were abnormally small, most likely due to his mother having been exposed to feline leukemia when pregnant. At that time, his creatinine was 2.6 and his BUN 30. I started him on KD but within a year, his creatinine was up to 2.9 and his BUN was 70. About eight months ago, I started him on Azodyl and his creatinine dropped back to 2.6 but his BUN remained at 70. He began to suffer repeated infections and was listless. I was just about to start him on subQ fluids when I heard about RenAvast. Within the past three weeks that he has been on RenAvast, he has bloomed again into a happy, playful, engaged Oriental Shorthair–into everything, wrestling with his companion cat, begging for treats. I have not had his blood work redone yet–he is scheduled to have more done in September. I will send you the results at that time but I really wanted to share with you now. Whether his numbers improve or not, he has improved. I am amazed and I look forward to seeing how he does in the future. I had to share now, though–he is that much better. Many thanks for all that you do.
  • Charlie Bear (Los Angeles, CA)
    Fourteen years ago “Charlie Bear”, was discovered by a co-worker in the parking lot of where I worked. I named him that because he reminded me of a baby cub. He was a very sick little guy, born with ear mites, fleas, worms and a very serious case of ringworm, which I eventually got. I bottle fed him for several weeks, took him for lyme dips weekly 6 long months, during which time all of his hair fell out! But eventually this little bald guy healed, and has been healthy as a horse ever since, until a little over a year ago when he developed the beginning stages of renal failure. I was very lucky to get Charlie into the scientific clinical trial study for RenAvast and was amazed at the dramatic results. In a just a few short weeks, he had more energy, became playful again and just seemed to be a happier guy all around. I have kept him on RenAvast ever since. Today “Mr. Bear” is a VIBRANT picture of HEALTH! His levels are normal and this big old lover boy is full of LIFE! I feel very GRATEFUL to RenAvast and Charlie is a living testament to its MIRACULOUS PROPERTIES! THANK YOU RENAVAST!
  • Ditz (Los Angeles, CA)
    Our beloved tabby Ditz was diagnosed with CRF about a year and a half ago. We had lost a cat once before to CRF, and so we expected to see another slow decline. Earlier this year, we had a huge scare when Ditz suddenly lost weight, her coat looked terrible, and you could just tell that she wasn’t feeling well at all. Blood tests showed that her BUN and Creatinine numbers had really jumped. Our vet recommended regular sub-q fluids, which seemed to stabilize her. We learned about Renavast in July, and immediately ordered a bottle. Within two weeks of using Renavast, Ditz started gain weight – and I mean a really noticeable and very healthy amount of weight. Her weight is the best it’s been in a long time. She also appears more spry and we don’t get the sense, as we often did before, that she’s feeling achy. Did I mention that Ditz is 17 years old? We’re extremely happy with Renavast and look forward to our next round of blood tests, rather than dreading them. We also look forward to having Ditz as part of our family for a long time to come. Thank you, Renavast!
  • Kisa Kat (North Carolina)
    I would love for my Kisa Kat to be a poster child for Renavast! I told my vet, and he knows, that she has been gaining weight and is doing great! Between the Azodyl and the Renavast, she is thriving! She has 4 kidney stones, not cysts, almost died a year ago. She is a very animated cat, goes down to the gold course where we live, jumps into people’s carts, says hello, has a little bit of their beer, then rides around with them! On therenavast, she is eating one third to one half more, has gained a half pound in the past 3 weeks too. She is the type of cat that follows you around and talks to you too! Kisa loves to ride in the car, if she is out, and you drive up and call her, she comes up and jumps in the car too! She also loves being dressed up, has a large wardrobe too! Since she is a short haired cat, she needs a coat or sweater in the winter, enjoys her various scarves and collars in the summertime too. I will attach a few photos of her to this email. She would make a great poster child for you! The vet told me in May of 2010, that she had 2 weeks to no more than a couple months to live. 3 weeks ago, he said that if he didn’t know she had been sick, he couldn’t tell there was anything wrong with her too!
  • Leigh M., Los Angeles, CA
    Our cat Billy was rescued from a shelter at 15 years old. He was dumped off by the family who had him his entire life. On the day he was scheduled to be killed, we rescued him. He looked terrible! He was skinny, dandruff, no energy, etc. We thought it was just the stress of the shelter. However, after testing we found out that Billy’s kidneys were failing. We figured we would only have him a few months but we wanted to at least give him the best life we could. However, a friend introduced us to RenAvast and we got Billy enrolled in the clinical study. After a year and a half on RenAvast…Billy is a new cat! He has gained a pound, his creatinine level has gone down and his coat looks amazing. He is also more energetic and affectionate. Billy is now almost 17 years old and we are so thankful for RenAvast…it truly saved Billy’s life!
  • Mr. Kitty
    Mr. Kitty Before Mr. Kitty started the trial for RenAvast, he had lost weight, appetite and energy. I took him to the vet and they told me he was entering the beginning stages of kidney failure. I had just gone through this with my dog and was not looking forward to going through this with Mr. Kitty. It was too stressful, not only for me but for the animals involved. While I was leaving the office, I ran into a friend that told me about a researcher and the work he was doing with kidney failure in felines. It sounded too good to be true. I called right away and we got Mr. Kitty on the RenAvast. I mixed it in with his food as instructed and within a week or two I noticed his energy started picking up again. His coat improved and so did his appetite. He has been given a new lease on life! He goes on walks with the dogs and I. He loves to eat again. I am very grateful for all your time and effort involved in developing RenAvast. Thanks again! "Sharon & Mr. Kitty”
  • Linda and Ron J., Los Angeles,
    Creatinine went from 8.7 to 3.1! “When I was working in a part of town that has way too many stray cats walking the streets, I rescued four kittens that were in a laundry basket at a laundromat. That was 16 years ago when I first met Blackie. Eight months ago, when we noticed he wasn’t eating as much as usual and seemed dehydrated, I took him to a veterinarian, and the blood test showed he was in severe kidney failure (creatinine level was 8.7, BUN 141). As had happened with every previous cat I’ve fostered who developed kidney problems the vet recommended I put him down. She said the white blood cell count was very high, the kidney parameters were extremely high, the total protein levels were elevated, and there was inflammation. She didn’t even suggest giving him subcutaneous fluids, since his numbers were so bad. In the past I always followed the vet’s advice, since I was told the affected cat would suffer and waste away—that the food he ate would poison him or her—that there was no cure when the kidneys stopped working. Then I had the good fortune to hear about a study for a medicine called RenAvast. The lead researcher said he was certain Blackie would improve his kidney function if I followed his directions and administeredRenAvast twice a day. I did and his numbers improved dramatically (creatinine now 3.1, BUN 50). RenAvastwas very easy to give Blackie. Blackie is living a quality life because of this miracle medicine. His coat is much better, and he is back to being a good eater. I’m only sorry I didn’t have the opportunity of using it for the cats that were put to sleep.”
  • J.R., Irvine, CA
    “I was devastated when I found out in February, 2009 that my cat Jelly had kidney disease. I had lost other cats to kidney problems in the past and know how quickly they can deteriorate. In searching for treatments, I was lucky enough be referred and get a slot in the Renavast clinical study. I found theRenavast powder easy to use, I just mix it in a little water and squirt it into Jelly’s mouth; she seems to enjoy it. Incredibly, over the next few months, Jelly’s blood levels related to kidney function began to improve. Jelly has used Renavast twice a day ever since, and today, over 2 years later, her blood levels are still within acceptable levels for proper kidney function. I am absolutely certain that Jelly would not be here today if she was not takingRenavast, I have referred several cat-owning friends to the product already and cannot recommend it highly enough.”
  • Donna J., Playa Vista, CA
    “My 16 year old cat Ruby was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure in February of 2010. The Vet said she was at the “high end of normal”. Her BUN level was 35, Creatine 2.2 and HCT level was at 37. I was told at the time of these tests that this meant that Ruby only had 40% of her kidney functions left. I had NO idea how serious the “high end of normal” could be. Within 3 days, Ruby was fortunate enough to be put on RenAvast (AB070597). The supplements to administer was 300 milligrams of powder is just added to her wet food twice daily. It’s completely absorbed and Ruby doesn’t seem to notice any difference in the smell, taste or texture of her wet food and eats it without any issues. Since being on RenAvast, Ruby’s levels have improved dramatically. Within 4 weeks, her BUN went down to 28, Creatine to 2 and HCT stayed flat at 37. After 6 months, her BUN stayed flat at 29, Creatine went from 2 to 1.5 and HCT went from 37 to 36. She never even required fluids. Her coat is beautiful. Her weight is 9.8 pounds. Her appetite has improved and Ruby continues to improve and FEELS GOOD DAILY!”
  • Jane G. of Redondo Beach, CA
    “When our 14 year old cat Tuffy was diagnosed with the beginning of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) I was very upset. I knew that CRF only gets worse as cats get older and I hated the thought of losing him to this disease. A friend told me about a clinical study that was taking place for RenAvast and I immediately enrolled him. At the time Tuffy was enrolled, his creatinine level was 2.5 which is outside the normal range. I was very diligent about giving him the RenAvast twice a day in his food which he ate with no problem or side effects. I recently had his kidney values checked and his creatinine level is now at 2.1 which is normal! Thank you RenAvast for extending Tuffy’s life!!! I now have all my cats on it to prevent kidney disease.”
  • Nancy K., Los Angeles, CA
    “Dear RenAvast - THANK YOU!!! My Tiggers is alive today because of you, and only you. He was diagnosed with kidney disease in early September of 2009. He was not even five years old – too young to have this disease. We went to our vet six days a week for the next four months getting fluids, many tests were done, a lot of blood was taken and after many ‘let’s try this’, I knew my Tiggers was going away. He had gone from weighing just almost 15 pounds to weighing almost 8 pounds. He was tired and I was terrified. A chance phone call, in February of 2010 to a stranger led us to you. You looked at his records, looked at him, and told me he would not be cured, but we were going to try to give him time and make him feel better. At that point he was enrolled in the clinical study for RenAvast. Every two months we got blood tests and every time his numbers changed – not always as much as we would have liked, but there was improvement. You told me recently that when Tiggers was enrolled in the clinical study in February of 2010, Tiggers probably only had a few weeks left. Fifteen months later, he still gets his RenAvast twice a day. He yells at me if I’m distracted or slow in giving him his medicine. He eats well and loves his treats. He weighs close to 10 pounds now and he yells at me if I don’t give him what he wants. He’s interested in playing again and has a curiosity of life again. My other kitties rub up him again – they don’t avoid him like they did for a long time. Thank you so much for being who you are and giving the gift of life to many. RenAvast is our hero!!”
  • Dr. Garrison, Los Angeles, CA
    “My wife is typically the one who handles the health care of our cats. However, when she told me that she wanted to put our cat on a new product I was very skeptical. Being a doctor myself, I have seen products come and go with false expectations. I have seen products make outrageous claims that are not backed up by science and research. However, after reading the research about RenAvast and seeing the results our cat Little has had…I am sold. Finally a product that is actually backed with true science. Our cat Little now has normal kidney values and I am confident that he will live a long life with healthy kidneys.”
  • Marlene G., Sherman Oaks, CA
    “I wanted to give you a report on my cat, (Katie’s), progress on RenAvast. She has been on it for 4 months now. She is 15 ½ years old and when we started her on the powder she was at the beginning of renal insufficiency. After three months on the powder, which is very easy to administer, we gave her a blood test. The numbers didn’t change from those when we started and stayed just about the same. My veterinarian looked at it as a good sign. We will continue to give it to her and will test and report every three months. We are thrilled to have something that hopefully will extend her time. Thank you.”